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Outdoor blanket with Tie Straps and Carry Handle Full Size 46″ X 66″

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It's great to be outside, and Sue Rock Originals Outdoor Blankets are TRAVEL Ready! Sustainably made with beautiful upcycled fabrics- each blanket has a tie closure and handle. Lightweight, they are available in solo and family sizes!


Sue Rock Originals is an independent Lifestyle brand based in New York City. We find it important to support the lives of the survivors of domestic violence and have committed a portion of our profits to support them since 2007.

Our Fabrics
All of our fabrics were recycled from the excesses of the fashion and interior design industries. We have curated a beautiful selection of unused deadstock fabrics - wool, cotton, silk. Rayon and vintage polyesters which we use in our collection.
Our Manufacturing
We manufacture all of our products in New York City, home to the 20th century garment industry and birthplace of some of the strictest manufacturing labor laws.
Micro Collections
Sue Rock Originals was named for just that reason- our runs of product are small and original. We often can only make 6 units per size per style. This keeps waste down and our carbon footprint low.
Social Responsibility
Spurred on by the loss of friend due to domestic violence, we saw practical services were needed for survivors who leave. In 2007, the 501(c)3 charity Sue Rock Originals EVERYONE, was created to provide textile training, empower people and restore skills.

Sue Rock Originals stands for the most marginalized on our planet and is committed to all life living peacefully and at their highest capacity.


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