The Winsome Apothecary – Harlem Nights & Uptown Lotion Set


Bundle includes a 16 ounce glass pump bottle and 2 ounce jar of our Limited Edition moisturizing Lotions: Harlem Nights (16 Ounces) and Uptown (2 ounces). Your skin will be grateful.

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Our Limited Edition Lotions are a new take on one of The Winsome Apothecary's best sellers! Each order is mixed and filled by hand with organic ingredients (Emulsifying Base, Vitamin E Oil, Sunflower Oil, and organic fragrance oil), this lotion is as nourishing as it is hydrating and is perfect for sensitive skin. Harlem Nights is a beautiful and light Moroccan Cashmere scent, with notes of Vanilla and Musk, while Uptown is lively, with notes of Bergamot and Jasmine.


We heal modern skin issues the old school way.
The Winsome Apothecary offers a curated range of boutique skin and body care products that combine time-tested home remedies with modern science, delivering radiant and healthy skin for health-conscious consumers.
Each item is made in small-batches with naturally sourced ingredients. Some of Winsome's products include: in-shower scrubs, a face & body oil that is non-greasy, a four ingredient clean deodorant (that actually works), and on-the-go aromatherapy set The Winsome Apothecary has something for everyone!
Prior to starting The Winsome Apothecary in 2021 in Queens, New York, Courtney Wiggins, Founder, had an interest in natural remedies and received this gift from her loving Nana, Hattie, who was indigenous, grew up in South Carolina, and learned to use the harvests of the earth as her medicine cabinet. She was always in awe of Nana Hattie's abilities to heal and help others with simple ingredients and knew she wanted to do the same one day - and is doing so through The Winsome Apothecary.
The Winsome Apothecary is different - their products are made with ingredients that you could eat (if it weren't for the essential oils used in them) and is the way skincare should be: natural, sustainable, and simple.
The Winsome Apothecary is Leaping Bunny Certified. They honor and respect all creations of The Universe big and small.
Social issues such as domestic violence prevention and adult literacy are important to The Winsome Apothecary and they commit to volunteering with and donating to community organizations doing the work in these areas.


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